Second prize at the Beauty Forum Munich, 2018 
Bodypainting: Rotem Lots-Zaiden
Assistant: Sarah Pixner
Model: Laura Schomburg
Photographer: Alex Fischer

Main Theme: Making the Impossible Possible

My painting Theme: Being Presece
When we are Present, our mind is clear, and we can fulfill our full potential and essence. The Bears and the Bobinsana Flowers connect us to the dream world and to understanding the messages we receive in this channel. The dear guides us when we are lost and facing obstacles, and connects between the spirit world to the physical world. The whales remind us to breath and connect us to all the ancient knowledge, The Ayawaska flower connects us to the spirit and to its guidance.
when we experience presence, we are in the “Flow”, there is no time and we are connected to the net- we are one with all, we are focused, we are open to inspiration, to officiancy,  and harmony with all.

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