Recent Projects

Miniature Medallions with Crystals

Miniature sculpturing of fairies and other magical creatures combined with crystals and shells. The medallions can be worn as a neckless, can be used in the alter or as a decoration on the wall. You can order your own personal design and stone or purchase from the medallions in stock

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a dance performance which tells the story of the phoenix.
Design: Rotem Lots-Zaiden
Choreography: Lee Aloni Original
Music: Reem Hareuveni
The performance was created with the support of the Kookoo Theater, Israel

The Keeper of the Forest

The keeper of the forest is a magical performance which tells the story of the big impressive keeper of the forest, who is actually held by three little goblins sitting on each other’s shoulders.
Puppeteer and Design: Rotem Lots Zaiden
Photographers: Omer Vider, Orna Kalgrad

Fire in Water

3rd Prize, Rehovot Festival of Living statues 2016

Live art performance which reveals the viewers to a magical underwater creature which appears and disappears in the background.

Design and Bodypainting: Rotem Lots-Zaiden
Choreography and Dancing: Yael Twito  

Mask Design

Mask Design to Video- “Choose your Own Reality”Moksha, Indi-Ya Creative productions, Alon Landa

Sculpting with Earth

Sculptures and mandalas from mud and sand, combining natural materials. The sculptures are made as part of private or group sessions in women circles, birth circles, special birthday celebrations, bachelors parties and more.

Props Design, Native Groove 2014

Managing and producing of a live art performance in a ‘Native Groove’ Production with ‘Nekudat Magoz’.
Theme Africa.
Bodypainters: Ayala Haimov, Shiran Brumberg, Rotem Lots-Zaiden
Props Design: Rotem Lots-Zaiden
Models: Tal Avidov, Inbal Tal and Sharon Avrahami
Photographers: Danielle Raab, Amin weiss

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