Rotem Lots Zaiden is a multidisciplinary autodidact artist who specializes in Fine-Art bodypainting and Digital art. 
She is a 2D Illustrator and designer, painter, sculpturer, props and costumes designer, makeup artist and a bodypainter.
Rotem supports women during pregnancy and birth (Doula) 
and She has a BA in social science focusing on management, from the Open University,  

Rotem has been creating all her life and developed a unique artistic style which drives inspiration from nature, shamanism and fantasy.
She creates ‘Shamanic Totem Paintings’ which holds a specific blessing/intention/energy and are combined in a bodypainting or a belly-painting to embed the message they hold.
Since 2008 she started bodypainting and have participated in many festivals and competitions in Israel and in Europe, and won several awards for her art including:

  • First prize in the WBF, at the facepainting category 2018
  • 3rd prize at the Swiss Creative Makeup contest 2019, Switzerland 
  • 2nd prize at the Beauty Forum Munich 2018
  • Part of the jury in the Israeli facepainting convention 2017
  • 3rd prize in the International Living statues festival, Israel 2016
  • 3rd prize in the swiss facepainting competition 2013
  • 5th prize in the Italian bodypainting championship 2013
  • 10th prize in the World Bodypainting Festival, Austria 2013
  • 5th prize in the World Bodypainting Festival, Austria 2012
  • First prize in the Israeli bodypainting championship 2012

Rotem has presented her art in exhibitions and Live art performances in local and international festivals

She is teaching Fine-Art Bodypainting and other art classes in professional workshops for painters and for makeup artists.