Live art Bodypainting workshop and performances at Agueda art festival, 3-8/7/2019, Portugal
Hosted by Agit Lab (Paulina Almeida)
Bodypaintings by: Rotem Lots-Zaiden, Esther Sagbal, Sónia Jerónimo, Marta Grego, João Antunes, Valentina Rodrigues 
 Dancers: Mathieu-Philippe Perras, Charles CB, Jonathan Malenfant, Wura Moraes, Carol Santos, Mariana Sevila Matos,
Photographer: Rita Andias, 
Instellation design: Yuga Hatta, Miguel Bouça

Bodypainting Workshop by Rotem Lots-Zaiden and Esther Sagbal 4-5/7/2019

First day Performance

second day performance

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