Interview in Israeli TV channel 13

Interview about the winning in the first prize in the WBF 2018 and a facepainting demonstration in the morning show “The World this Morning”, Channel 13 in the Israeli TV.

FIRST PRIZE in the WORLD BODYPAINTING FESTIVAL 2018, Facepainting category

FIRST PRIZE in the World Award Facepainting- World Bodypainting Festival, Austria 2018Facepainting: Rotem Lots-ZaidenModel: Lisa Wiederschwinger‎‏‏Theme: Glamour of The past An Article in ‘mako’, an Israeli Internet magazine about winning the world award WBF 2018 (Link to the Article) Photographer: Ehud Melamed Glamour of the past-Our connection to our ancient mothers is flowing in our bodies […]

K-College Open Day- Live art performance

Bodypainting Demonstration at the Open Day happening at the Art Department of K-College and TV Article. Bodypainting: Rotem Lots-Zaiden Model: Omri Lots Photographer: Yoram Perez

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