Second Prize, Beauty Forum Munich 2018

Second prize at the Beauty Forum Munich, 2018  Bodypainting: Rotem Lots-Zaiden Assistant: Sarah Pixner Model: Laura Schomburg Photographer: Alex Fischer Main Theme: Making the Impossible Possible My painting Theme: Being Presece When we are Present, our mind is clear, and we can fulfill our full potential and essence. The Bears and the Bobinsana Flowers connect […]

FIRST PRIZE in the WORLD BODYPAINTING FESTIVAL 2018, Facepainting category

FIRST PRIZE in the World Award Facepainting- World Bodypainting Festival, Austria 2018Facepainting: Rotem Lots-ZaidenModel: Lisa Wiederschwinger‎‏‏Theme: Glamour of The past An Article in ‘mako’, an Israeli Internet magazine about winning the world award WBF 2018 (Link to the Article) Photographer: Ehud Melamed Glamour of the past-Our connection to our ancient mothers is flowing in our bodies […]

Fire in Water- 3rd Prize in Rehovot Festival of Living statues 2016

 Design and Bodypainting: Rotem Lots-Zaiden Choreography and Dancing: Yael Tvito  Live art performance which reveals the viewers to a magical underwater creature which appears and disappears in the background.  photographer: Eran Melamed photographer: Eran Melamed photographer: Ehud Melamed photographer: Ehud Melamed photographer: Ehud Melamed photographer: Ofer Moldovan

10th PRIZE in the WBF 2013

First day – Preselection, Model: Jolijn Bonnet Photographer: Stefan Ho Photographer: Orna Kalgrad Photographer: Orna Kalgrad Second Day – FINALS , Model: Jolijn Bonnet Photographer: Ehud Melamed Photographer: Stefan Ho Photographer: Stefan Ho Photographer: Ben Asif Composing: Julie Boehm

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